Drugs and Alcohol

As a parent, we understand that knowing is half the battle.  How are we supposed to protect our children of Facebook if we don’t know what it means to be poked, IM’d, or tagged.  This same philosophy is helpful when thinking about drugs and alcohol.  Although some have been around for centuries, many illegal substances have evolved or emerged in the last couple of years (just like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, and many others).  This page contains information of some of the new drugs on the market and updates will be posted on the news feed, Twitter Feed, and Facebook Page.

Talking to you kids —open conversations

  • Look for opportunities to start a conversation (don’t wait for your kids to bring it up).  You want to be the one to talk about it first, not their friends.
  • Try to get them to make the choice to not to use drugs or alcohol on their own, with your guidance.  They are more likely to stick by their own choice.
  • Youth are also less likely to use if they know their parents disapprove (this includes alcohol).
  • Make a plan with your child of what to do if they ever are in a hard or dangerous situation.

 Synthetic drugs – AKA K2 and Bath Salts

Synthetic drugs have become more prevalent on the market and have only  been banned in the last few years.  Because they were considered legal many people thought that they were safe.  These drugs have similar highs to illicit drugs and these highs can be more dangerous due to the rapidly changing chemical structure of the substance.

Synthetic cannabinoids are made to look like marijuana but is sold as incense, not for human consumption.  This product is often smoked and is a potpourri that is sprayed with a green chemical, then sprayed again with the chemicals to create the high.  This drug creates a very dangerous high and each package can cause a different type of high.

Synthetic cathonoids are made to look like a white powder and have similar effects as an amphetamines. These are also labeled not for human consumption  and have names like bath salts, hookah cleaner, and plant food but these items are not intended for this use. It is a way of hiding the drug. Bath Salts and similar items have had very fatal effects including extreme paranoia, demonic experiences, suicide, brain damage, self mutilation, and long term hospital supports. These drugs are very dangerous and deadly.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Misuse Which Leads to Heroin

RX drug abuse is on the rise. It is not uncommon for a high school student to be exposed to a prescription pain killer to appropriately help them get through wisdom teeth removal, a broken bone, or a surgery.  Some students are also using drugs to manage their ADHD. However, people are starting to use these medications in higher doses then recommended or mixing them with other drugs and alcohol.  Make sure that your kids understand warning labels and the dangers of use.  Talk to your kids about using others’ medications. It is not ok to take someone else’s pain killers even if you are in a lot of pain. You need to go to the doctor and have your own prescribed. Also, parents, you need to set a good example for your child. Don’t take more medication the prescribed. Don’t use medication for other then its intended purpose.  Also if your child is prescribed a regular medication be aware and watch for missing pills or changes in behaviors that would indicate not taking it.  Also lock up your medications in your house and recommend the same for elderly friends and family. Just because your kids won’t steal them doesn’t mean their friends won’t.

Marijuana and Alcohol

Alcohol and marijuana are often drugs that are over looked or looked at as common rituals of passage in a teenager’s life. These drugs also cause brain damage and affect a person’s ability to learn and make appropriate decisions. Talk to your kids about these items and discourage their use of them.  Youth often see these drugs as okay and that everyone is using them, but they are not.  Alcohol is often allowed amongst families because it is legal to drink with your parents present. It is illegal for a parent to give consent for their child to drink elsewhere. It is illegal to host a party in your home and serve alcohol to minors. Marijuana is illegal in this state. If you allow these to be used in your home know that your child will use them out of your home as well. Help your children to set appropriate boundaries and let them know what you approve of and disapprove of.

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