Unite Against Bullying

What is Bullying and How has it Changed

Bullying has been around since the beginning of time. People have always put others down in order to feel better about themselves. What has changed is that there are more ways to do it and we are using more negatives ways to cope with the stresses of  having been bullied.  Students are turning to cutting, drugs, and isolating themselves. Students are also experiencing  more mental health crisis due to bullying and other issues plaguing our youth.  When your children have an open relationship with you they can come to you for advice when these situations arise. If you ever think any child may harm themselves or other seek emergency help or the immediately.

 Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is new and easy way for students to attack another student from the safety of their own computer, phone, i-pod, or X box. These devices all allow  students to send messages to other electronic devices. Messages often are physcologically damaging by informing a person that they are unliked, attacking physical features, and putting negative messages in their heads. Students also will use physical threats to scare a person.  In order to help combat this supervise your child’s social media pages, text messages, and e-mails. Talk to your kids about this and let them know when you do it, maybe even do it together. Talk about what to do when they see these messages and how to respond to them. Make sure your child knows you are there to help them.

Bullying can happening anywhere. When students bully other students by using words and actions to make the victim feel afraid or ashamed. This can be done by physical threats or attack, psychological threats or attacks, or by isolating one person from others.  Students may pick on others for the way they look, their grades, their economic status, religion, sexual orientation and other ideas that they may even have made up.  Whether the bullying is done over the computer, face to face, or by a group of students over a period of time it still hurts.  Talk to your children and their friends about bullying and how it affects others.  This is a very dangerous activity and often leads to negative life altering decisions and mental health disorders for bystanders and victims. Teach your children to not watch people hurt people and to put an end to this in their schools and communities.

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health crisis please call the Clark County Crisis Line at 1-800-863-3560 and talk with our mobile crisis unit. Or call 911.

 For counseling services you can contact Clark County Community Services at 715-743-5208

Consider hosting a viewing of the movie Bully to get families talking about this issue in your communities. This can be done at a community building. For help facilitating this please email Amanda.smagacz@co.clark.wi.us

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One response to “Unite Against Bullying

  1. The video above brought tears to my eyes. I have been bullied in the past. The memories still plagues me till this day, even though my loved ones remind me how special I am. Bullying is evil and needs to stop. Thank you for reaching out, especially for the voices that are too scared to speak. Bless you.
    Kimberly G

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