New Powdered Alcohol May Present Serious Health Hisks


A new product going by the brand name Palcohol got a rush of media attention this week. Palcohol is simply freeze-dried alcohol in powder form, packaged in small packets that promise an easy way to take a stiff drink on the go. Some health experts are concerned it could be easily misused or abused, with potentially dangerous consequences.

Palcohol’s labels were approved by regulators at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau earlier this month, before that decision was abruptly rescinded. On Monday a spokesperson from the agency told CBS News that the approvals were “issued in error.”

Despite that stumbling block, Palcohol may still hit the market later this year. Regulators say they will reevaluate how much powder is in the packets and therefore the volume of alcohol each packet contains. Palcohol will need to resubmit the proposed labels to ensure the contents are explained clearly so consumers don’t abuse or misuse the product.

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