Getting to know “Molly”

molly“I’m going to hang out with Molly.” Sounds harmless enough right… Well, it would be if “Molly” weren’t the street name for MDMA (methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine).  In its pure crystalline form, MDMA is the active ingredient in the drug Ecstasy (a drug that rose to prominence in the late eighties as a party drug).  Like Ecstasy, Molly had been predominantly found at music festivals and raves but, recently, it has worked its way into smaller venues such as house parties and dance clubs.  This is due to an increase in the drugs availability and a wider range of distribution, but that does not necessarily indicate an increase in MDMA production.  According to the DEA, only 13% of the Molly seized in the past four years contained any actual MDMA. In the past, MDMA had been predominantly produced in Chinese laboratories and distributed through Deep Web sites like the Silk Road; however, now drug dealers are synthesizing their own chemical variations of MDMA and combining them with other toxic substances. This means that an already dangerous substance has become less stable and more toxic; yet, the name remains the same.  Young people commonly view Molly as safe because of the friendly name and presumably pure content.  This misconception can be deadly.  Learn more about Molly at .


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