Tor: The Deep Web and What Parents Need to Know

silk-road-mainpage-100049468-origA anonymous, separate, Internet is available anyone who knows how to download and install a computer program.  What exactly is the danger of this?  Well, Tor users can anonymously purchase anything from marijuana to a contract killer.  The Silk Road was a website on the .onion network of the Deep Web(or Darknet) that recently received media attention in outlets such as Time and The Guardian.  One journalist called it the “Amazon of illegal items.”  The Silk Road had been shut down by the FBI in early October, but a identical site has since spawned in its absence (safe description of The Silk Road here)  The Darknet was designed by the US Navy and is intended to be a tool for government agencies to communicate anonymously.  However, it has since been hijacked and occupied by anyone who wishes to remain anonymous on the internet.  There are useful sites on the Deep Web.  However, it is difficult to navigate and unsuspecting surfers are easily exploited by hackers.  Please check your computers for the Tor program and warn your children about the dangers of surfing the Darknet.


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